TITO Board 4.x by TITO@Home
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TITO Board 4.x by TITO@Home


TITO@Home is a standalone circuitboard that can be connected to a slot machine in the home to allow the machine to print and accept tickets (ticket-in ticket-out) just like a casino would do.  It also has a free play feature that allows you to add a set amount of credits to the machine with a simple press of a button.  This eliminates the need to feed money into your machine constantly to enjoy playing it.  These boards are ONLY for entertainment purposes.  Tickets should not be brought to a casino, and WILL NOT work in a casino slot machine.  These tickets will only work in a home use machine that is set up with a compatible system.

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Installation manuals available on Dropbox.

Setting up a TITO device is NOT for inexperienced users at setting up their machine settings.  Warranty does not imply or cover a user performing a clear or set chip process and changing or failing to set and settings that do not pertain to the TITO.  Please note that you are installing the TITO at your own risk if you are not experienced in setting up your particular machine completely from scratch and making sure all settings required for your machine are known.

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